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Lo que hacemos

As a collective, we contribute to the debate of ideas by producing articles, surveys and studies and by organizing events ranging from debate evenings to multi-day festivals. We accompany public and private organizations on all types of general interest issues. We test and experiment with new systems, in specific territories and in collaboration with local residents and organizations.

Whatever our actions, we strive to give a voice to the first people concerned. We value their words and their experience. Above all, we facilitate meetings and dialogue between people who do not speak to each other or who speak too little - residents, communities, businesses, etc. - in a systemic approach.

Nuestros valores

Estos cinco valores guían nuestras acciones y decisiones. Aunque procedemos de diversos orígenes y abordamos los temas desde distintas perspectivas, estos principios son los que nos mantienen unidos.


Beta permanente




Cómo funcionamos


Ouishare is an international network that consists of ‘Connectors’ and active members. What connects us is our shared vision for the world we want to live in, and a way of doing things that is aligned with our five values : Care, Permanent-Beta, Openness, Collaboration, Do-ocracy. We don’t recruit our members - they join by contributing and gradually increasing their involvement, if there is a mutual feeling of alignment with these values and our ways of working. 

Our decision-making is participatory, distributed and values initiative. It enables us to work in teams that are flexible and have a high level of autonomy. This model of self-organization is one of the reasons why we rapidly grew from a handful of members in 2012 into a global network.  

Economic model

We do not have a development plan. We do not have any numerical objectives. What we do, we do out of conviction and interest.

Ouishare's economic model is therefore an original creation aiming at perpetuating the financing of our general interest activities. It is based on the projects we carry out with public and private organizations, which are born from discussions and desires that emerge over the course of our relationships, and whose profits allow us to finance the projects as well as the infrastructure (legal, technical, administrative, accounting and financial) of the association. It also relies on the voluntary contributions of all of us, members of the Ouishare collective - whether it be writing an article, organizing a meeting or putting people in touch with each other.

Want to know more about how Ouishare works? Do not hesitate to write to us or to come and meet us at our events!