Starting at  
2:00 pm

Uncovering the blind spots of decentralized organizations

Intervalle #9 : Uncovering the blind spots of decentralized organizations

Starting at  
2:00 pm
Ouishare x GreaterThan

Intervalle #9 : Uncovering the blind spots of decentralized organizations

by Ouishare x Greaterthan


This Interval is part of the programming of the next edition of the Ouishare Fest, which will take place IN PERSON (in Paris from June 23 to 25, 2021) and will focus on the issues and transformations of our world through the prism of time. The intervals are times to initiate meetings and reflections, anchoring the Fest in the long term.


Laloux’s book “Reinventing Organisations” opened many people’s eyes to the emerging world of self managed and decentralized teams. Today, new questions are emerging :‍

How to embody multiple political visions as a single organisation? How to play with implicit power dynamics, individual and collective shadows? How to balance individual expression with the need for group alignment?

On Thursday 10 June 2021, join us for a discussion hosted by Ouishare and Greaterthan to explore how teal & decentralised organisations can address these wicked challenges.


    - James Priest (co-founder Sociocracy 3.0)

    - Richard Bartlett (co-founder Enspiral, Loomio, The Hum)

     - Lucia Die Gil (Greaterthan, Enspiral, B-Corp)


Facilitated/moderated by Timothée Brès (Ouishare) & Francesca Pick (Greaterthan)

1h30 of dialog & Q&A + 30' breakouts room (optional)


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